Our beloved sorority was founded by seven Educators during a time when education for African-Americans was more of a privilege than a right. During a period when post-secondary education for women was considered a luxury. Our founders understood that with a good education came the potential for advancement and sought to make this a possibility for all. Since then, attainment of educational goals and scholarship has been a focal point of much of our sorority’s work.

At the international level, Sigma Gamma Rho has made it her mission to continue to ensure that all communities have access to opportunities and advancement through scholarship. Established with the goal of personal edification of the individual, Sigma Gamma Rho’s National Education Fund’s mission is to provide monetary aid to students in need regardless of background or gender.

Annual Pre-Mother’s Day Scholarship Luncheon & Fashion Show
In accordance with our sororities principles of educating the future,  Eta Xi Sigma believes in preparing our youth for success in their college pursuits. Every year, Eta Xi Sigma Alumnae chapter hosts its Rhomania scholarship luncheon where thousands of dollars are awarded to area high school students who have excelled both academically and demonstrated outstanding civic achievement.  This year, our chapter awarded the sum of $9,000 and looks forward to these students excelling in their future endeavors.

2018 Pre-Mother’s Day Scholarship Luncheon & Fashion Show

Nationally, The Mwanimugimu (Wah-nah-moo-gee-moo) Essay Contest was started under past grand Basileus Dr. LaRona Morris and focuses on providing opportunities for students to increase their knowledge of the historical and contemporary development of Africa. Since its inception, the contest has been expanded to include pertinent global and current community issues.